Our experienced trainers partner with your staff to develop leadership skills and help apply learning from formal education to current projects practically. Organizations benefit from our seasoned experience, knowledge, enthusiasm, and attitude of collaboration. We choose trainers very carefully for their abilities to help the individual being mentored expand and improve their skills by providing guidance, making suggestions, motivating, and assisting in problem solving.

CaterGood trainers and the team or individual being trained establishes common goals with respect to the training results. This ensures that everyone is part of the process. Our previous work assignments has shown that if participants are not involved in the process, they will not buy the actions or the outcome.

The first key to this is that our trainer becomes a partner with the project manager and the team to ensure that they have a mutual goal and common interests.

This is an on-going level of training and is where our trainer will concentrate, based on the customized model developed above, guide and mentor specific actions. In some cases our trainer may facilitate certain processes or may model certain actions. This may depend on learning styles and the nature of the objective or goals.

A unique element of our training model is that the trainer will at all times monitor and provide oversight for the project so that the trainer can assist the project manager in identifying trends, risk areas, warning signals, and opportunities. If our trainer has several projects under his/her wing, the trainer will provide regular feedback with the objective of continuous improvement. Another unique element of our training process is our model for knowledge management and lessons learned. We will drive the process of real-time lessons learned and also will introduce techniques by which the team themselves can improve their own performance by what they have learned at each phase.

CaterGood consulting and training organization specializes in the Consumer Product Goods industry. We are recognized as a leader in the development of Category Management processes and capabilities. Our organization has delivered consulting and training services to over 180 manufacturers and retailers, representing 15+ countries, and includes:

1) Category training Workshop

2) Trade Marketing Management

3) Executive Leadership Programme

4) Basic Computer Skills

5) Fact Based Solution Selling

6) Management Training

7) Management Development Programme

8) Supervisory and Team Leader Skills

9) Merchandizing Training

10) FMCG Buyers Workshops

11) Retail Development Programmes

Each of the courses are tailor made to meet the particular requirements of the client, and there are over 1,000 different modules to choose from.