CaterGood - We Cater to our clients and customer's needs with Good quality services and products.

CaterGood was established in 1997 and has supplied strategic direction and support to many local and international Retailer, Wholesalers, Distributors, Manufacturers, and IT Companies. The majority of our focus is on providing strategic consulting services to our clients, but we are extremely well versed in rolling up our sleeves and doing what is necessary to get the required results.

CaterGood - A Business Approach to Consulting and Training.

CaterGood focuses on business issues and opportunities associated with driving consumer demand and satisfaction by presenting information in a form that supports key activities, such as category management, retail management, field marketing / merchandizing, supply chain management, model stocks, assortment planning, forecasts, and general business management, including business reviews. How can we make your business enough money that makes you want to work with us for the next ten years. Some of our customer have been with us for over 10 years, both in South Africa and overseas. Most of these clients have been focused in a specific field, and not across so many departments.

CaterGood - A Business Approach to Life Coaching.

CaterGood's is a registered member of COMENSA and has Certified Life Coaches as part of the team.

The Team

CaterGood is a small group that works closely with its clients, and gets totally involved with ensuring the growth and development of the correct strategy for each client. For this reason it will co-opt addition specialists from outside of the group, as the need requires..

Contact and Availability.

Through the use of e-mail, Skype and cell phones, we will make our team easily and quickly accessible. Situations and events become easy to evaluate, and the solutions and suggestions easy to share with colleagues and business partners. Most of the clients that we deal with are not in the same area as us due to either their locality or ours at that particular time, but we ensure that we are available to them and are able to provide them with the support and guidance that they need or request.